Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What if I could promise you a cure?

60 minutes Sunday night I watched a ‘60 Minutes’ investigation called, “Stem Cell Fraud.” It was a follow-up on a two part report that they did in 2010.

All of us living with Kennedy’s Disease remember when we were told by our doctor there is no treatment or cure for this disease. And, for people who have little more than hope to live for, a promise of a potential treatment or cure means everything. And, that is the reason we should always error on the side of caution.  I am aware of one man with Kennedy’s Disease that has been taking stem cell injections for over a year in hopes of reversing the progression.

Stem Cell research has come a long way in the last ten year. It isstem cell fraud still something, however, we cannot hang our hat on today, but there is promise for the future. I can understand that at some point desperation sets in and a person is willing to try anything in hopes that something … anything will work.

Unfortunately, there are those criminal elements that pray upon these individuals and their families. They are selling ‘hope’ in a bottle or in an injection. The ’60 Minutes’ investigations (the video links are below) exposes this seedy world where promises are made and thousands of dollars are exchanged in the hope that something will work. The reporter comments in the video that if you search the internet, you will find dozens of web sites that claim they have cures for almost every disease.  The 2010 investigation included people living with ALS who went to Mexico for stem cell treatments. The 2011 investigation follows parents whose son has Cerebral Palsy. Both reports are around fifteen minutes long and well worth the viewing.

snake oil Ed Meyertholen, the KDA’s resident research guru, has been cautioning us who are living with Kennedy’s Disease to not fall for the stem cell scam because there is currently no treatment or cure. 

Your neurologist, the FDA and the National Institute of Health (NIH) are excellent resources when you are considering alternative forms of therapy. Some forms might be beneficial while others may be harmful. Discuss the potential opportunity with these professionals before embarking upon any new treatment.

And, remember, if it sounds too good to be true;

it probably is!

The ‘60 Minutes’ Investigation called “Stem Cell Fraud”
The ‘60 Minutes’ 2010 two part video on a Stem Cell investigation

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