Thursday, January 12, 2012

The extremely excruciating time needed for development of a treatment

mouse models Quest Magazine had another great article this month. “Why Does It Take So Long to Go from Mouse to Man” explains why the pace of research seems to be unreasonably slow. I would recommend you read it because it gives a good layman’s explanation of the process. Many of the steps mentioned in the process have been discussed at the KDA conferences by the researchers, but this article lays out the steps, requirements and checks in the process of taking a treatment from mouse model to market.

In 2010 I wrote two articles on the subject of why everything takes so long within the research community.
· “The Clock is Ticking, So What is the Holdup”
· “The Clock is Ticking – Another Perspective”

And, in several other articles I mentioned delays or timelines that often seem ridiculous to those of us living with a progressive disease. I believe a prerequisite for researchers is an abundance of patience ... something I do not possess.

Dr. Fischbeck at NIH has been a source of hope for many of us with Kennedy’s Disease. His perspective reflects one of infinite patience. He has mentioned more than once the benefits of taking small steps forward rather than rushing something and then finding out it doesn’t work or the side effects are serious. He has also discussed some of the FDA requirements that cannot be shortened for several reasons, but primarily for safety concerns.

Read the article. It won’t change anything other than perhaps your perspective.

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