Monday, January 16, 2012

Today I am thankful for what little strength I still have.

weak feeling Last Friday I had a good 100 minute long morning exercise program. I did not notice anything really different until early afternoon when I felt slightly weaker. I thought that was a little strange, but didn’t think anything more about it. By evening I was feeling even weaker and began to wonder what was happening. My neck was very weak and holding it up became a burden.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling even weaker. As the day went on I had more problems just performing ordinary tasks. By evening my legs and neck were very weak and my arms were somewhat weaker.

Sunday morning I felt a little stronger so I went about myweak morning routines. By 10:00 I was in my recliner with a blanket and fell asleep around 10:30. After a two hour nap I felt a little better so I took my dog for his walk. Immediately after returning I was back in my chair with a blanket and took an hour long nap. The naps seemed to help. My fever broke and I felt a little stronger by bedtime. The only benefit to this was that I was able to watch a lot of football this weekend without feeling guilty.

I woke up coughing several times during the night, but felt better this morning. I performed a 95 minute workout and it went very well this morning. It is noon and my muscles are beginning to ache a little, but I still feel so much better than the last couple of days. I have no idea what it was that caused the fever, extreme weakness and coughing, but I believe I am on the mend again.

Thankful cards Yes, I complain about my weakness as this disease progresses, but today I am thankful for what little strength I still have. You never know how much you appreciate something until you lose it.

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