Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My daily routine ...

After my 10 month update on Dutasteride article, I was asked the following: “It would be great to know what your daily activity capacity is. Although your exercise routine is 120 minutes it is hard to know what that means. Can you speak in terms of your daily function? Things like can opening, walking distance, stairs, driving, use of motorized chair or assist devices.

I like to consider myself fairly active considering everything. I turn 65 in a month and like to stay engaged in all kinds of activities. What follows is a general description of most days.


exercise-1 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have my long exercise program (90-120 minutes). On the other days I have a short exercise routine (15-20 minutes). I find that exercising each morning helps keep my strength levels more consistent and I do not experience joint or muscle pain as often. Both routines are broken down into lower body, upper body, stretching and face/tongue/throat/breathing exercises.

Throughout each day I will perform some quick exercises (1-2 minutes apiece) ... especially swallowing, tongue, breathing and facial exercises as well as some stretches.

Other Daily Activities:

Transferring - I use a wheelchair for mobility because of some serious falls in the past (i.e., broken bones). I transfer from the chair dozens of times a day (to and from the easy chair, office chair, golf cart, bed, toilet, etc.). I also stand for a few minutes whenever I can especially in the kitchen.

Walking I can still walk short distances, but always try to have a wall or railing to hold onto. A walker is helpful when something isn’t readily available.  (Note: I error on the side of caution)

Stairs I can no longer ‘safely’ climb stairs.

Opening Cans - I try to open everything (cans and bottles) with my hands and if that doesn’t work I use a kitchen-aid device that provides better leverage. I try to use my arms and hands as much as possible for lifting, grasping, holding, etc.

Walking the Dog I don’t actually walk. I ride a golf cart and my dog walks. We normally get out for four half-hour walks a day (around the lake). This one activity allows me to interact with neighbors and the wildlife (of which there is plenty). I take time each day to observe nature and find it very rewarding.

Driving I drive everywhere and enjoy the library, dinner with friends, shopping, etc.

Staying Active and Engaged - I am an ‘active’ member of theWriters Corner Logo - small Chattanooga Writers Guild (two meetings a month). Family activities, including get-togethers, are important to me. I enjoy writing and am in the process of rewriting a 95,000 word novel as well as continuing to write short stories. I support other writers by reading, commenting and editing their stories. I love to read and normally have one-to-two books going at a time. I use the internet and phone to ‘actively’ stay in touch with family and friends.  I also enjoy working Sudoku puzzles.

The KDA The Kennedy’s Disease Association keeps me involved and active. Between answering emails, writing letters, keeping the website updated, my involvement on the board and many other KDA related activities, my days are usually full and fulfilling.

This Blog - “Living with Kennedy’s Disease” is something else thatLiving with KD Logo - small takes several hours a week.

Meditation I try to meditate most days.

Chris, I have probably forgot a few things, but I believe you get the idea.  I would like to be a little more involved in some other activities … like hiking and sailing, but …

Should anyone have any further questions, please let me know.

My tip for the day ...

“Stay engaged with the world around you” ... do not let living with Kennedy’s Disease slow you down any more than it has to.

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