Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our mind can be a powerful weapon

I have this rolodex on my desk called “The Attitude Builder.” There are 52 cards containing positive affirmations and helpful statements. I can change the saying every week, or as often as I want.

When I am working on something in my life, I will flip through the cards and BAM! There it is - the answer I need.  Last week, this card came up:

“The most powerful force I have is what I say to myself and believe.”

And, today, this card appeared:

“I am controlled by what I accept and believe.” 

Two powerful messages that I know, but don’t always remember.

I cherry-picked the following comments from the backs of these two cards.  

  • My reality is what I accept and believe. 
  •  Right or wrong, true or false–that is not the determining factor. I am what I think about. 
  • I choose to believe only things that are loving and beneficial.

Yes, there have been times in my life where my negativity created a crappy day. It wasn’t too long ago that two things went wrong that morning and my next comment was, “What else could go wrong today?” 

When I came into my office and read “The most powerful force I have is what I say to myself and believe,” the light turned on. I reflected on the previous two moments and chuckled. Those occurrences had nothing to do with the remainder of my day except in my imagination.

Living with Kennedy’s Disease is “mind over matter.” If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. :-)

Life doesn’t have to be as difficult as I make it sometimes. My attitude and my ‘self-talk’ can create moments of chaos or moments of joy. I’ll choose joy anytime. And, that is why these attitude builder cards are so powerful for me.