Thursday, March 31, 2011

An update on two recent changes in my life


It seems like many moons ago that I reported that I bought a Honda minivan with the VMI system.  I was hoping it would be a good buy, and I can say today … YES, it was.

2007 Honday Odyssey

The VMI system is well thought out, convenient and very easy to use.  I have felt a new sense of freedom since the purchase.  I go places today by myself that I would normally waited until my wife could go with me.  I am once again running errands and going shopping without a second thought.

Probably the only negative is that certain parking spaces are not large enough for the ramp to be extended out for easy access.  Only once has this been an issue, however.  I just have to be a little more observant.

For now I consider it a “best buy” and give it a … thumbs up


It has been 45 days and I have not seen any negative side effects.  I have noticed some positive ones, however.  Far less fasciculations as well as less muscle spasms and aches are three that stand out every day. 
I also appear to have more stamina and more consistent strength.  Could this be a coincidence?  Possibly, but whatever it is I sure enjoy it. 

My long exercise programs run 65-75 minutes and could actually go longer these days.  The number of reps and slightly increased weights have not been an issue.  Very rarely do I feel weak after a series  of  reps. 

Yes, that crud that I caught a week ago last Friday really took its toll on me, but I bounced back ‘strength-wise’ very quickly.

For now, I give it a …thumbs up

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