Sunday, March 20, 2011

I tend to forget …

I am a fairly healthy person.  I hardly ever get sick and fortunately have not had any serious illnesses.  Because of my good health, I occasionally forget what happens when I do come down with something.  Like all things in life, if you forget you will be reminded again, and even again if necessary.

Friday morning I woke up with some aches and fasciculations.  I thought that was unusual because since I started taking dutasteride the aches and twitching have been relatively minor.  As I prepared breakfast, I noticed my left arm was very weak.  Initially, I blamed my old friend, Kennedy’s Disease.

weak feeling

My 65 minute exercise program went well, so I put aside the aching and twitching and went about my business.  By early afternoon my neck, shoulders and legs were aching … almost painful.  And, even though it was 80 degrees, I felt chilled.  I was wearing a sweater and had a blanket over me and still could not stay warm.  By dinnertime my stomach was upset and I was applying heat to the shoulders and neck.  Pressure (gas) built up in my chest and abdomen.   I could hardly stand up  from my chair by early evening.  I went to bed early, but could not sleep.  My fever broke around midnight.  If I had an hours sleep that night I would be amazed.

The next morning I could not sit up in bed.  I was just too weak.  I could not get any food down so I sipped on Coke and 7up throughout the day.  The pressure in my abdominal area was still very intense.  Fortunately, March Madness was on TV and in between my constant napping I was able to watch some of the games.  By evening, I got a half a bowl of soup down … my first food in over 26 hours.  Extra-strength Gas-X also seemed to help.

sick face

Last night I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling a lot better this morning.  My stomach is still telling me with its gurgling and rumbling that I am not totally well, but at least the aches are gone.  Breakfast tasted good this morning ... food at last … wonderful.

I am maybe 50% recovered today, but I am definitely on the mend.  I did a light workout this morning and it felt pretty good, but I could tell I was still weaker than normal.

Because those of us living with Kennedy’s Disease are already weakened, any normal illness can cause us more problems.  It is a reminder that I need to be cautious when out in public.  I cannot afford to be exposed to colds, the flu, and other transmitted viruses and bacteria.  Any illness that weakens a normal person can become detrimental to someone with Kennedy’s Disease.

germ farm

My mother always said:
  • Wash your hands often. 
  • Keep your fingers away from your eyes. 
  • Never shake hands with anyone when you are not feeling well.
She was always a little smarter than me.

Be safe and healthy!

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