Friday, September 16, 2016

Mr. Fix-it

I miss fixing things. There is something satisfying about finishing a job around the house. Oh, yes, there were times where a few choice words entered into the repair process. That was all part of the game. But, the feeling that comes over me when I repaired something, and it works, was always a treasured moment. And, the dirtier I had to get to accomplish the task, the greater the euphoria when it was done. I believe part of this enjoyment of repairing somethings comes from having to consider the options available, and learning what worked and what didn’t work. I won’t even discuss the times I didn’t have the right tool for the job.

I suppose I inherited this trait from my father. He was a ‘jack of all trades and a master of none.’ He was more gifted than me in being able to envision the end-state. Often, his repairs and projects were not pretty, but they always seemed to work. Probably what I admired most was his ‘can-do’ attitude. No repair or project was too small or large to take on.  

Today, the hands no longer work the way they are supposed to. The legs no longer hold me up. The arms and neck weaken quickly when something is above my head. And, worst of all, I become frustrated easily.

Most of the time I can only watch my wife, a friend, or a handyman perform the repair. This means the repair happens when the other person has time, not when I believe it should be done. It is frustrating because I usually find myself in the same room looking over the person’s shoulder offering advice, even when they don’t want or need it. Thankfully, he or she puts up with my interference–most of the time anyway.

The one area where I still can perform some of the fixes and repairs is electronics. Repairs or fixes to the PC and our tablets are normally still my jobs. If I don’t know how to fix something, I find a video on YouTube that walks me through the repair process. At times, I still need help, but boy do I feel great afterward.

I miss fixing things

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