Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lecture by Dr Fischbeck at Oxford University

This article was posted by Colin Hopps on the KD-UK blog. I think most everyone will find it interesting.

"Prior to this lecture at Oxford, my understanding of KD has been superficial but after reading an explanation by Dr Fischbeck and attending his lecture at Oxford University I have a much better grasp.

We have a repeat of a CAG pattern in the Androgen Receptor gene on our X chromosome. If one has up to 36 repeats you will not have KD but 38 and above you will and generally the more repeats the earlier the onset and severity. These extra repeats cause us to produce a longer Androgen Receptor protein which isn’t good but in itself would not cause KD, it is the toxicity it causes to the neurons and muscle cells this in turn damages the cells and ultimately results in the death of these cells. Below is the more technical description, took me several hours and Wikipedia to get a basic understanding.

So what is happening in the world of research regarding treatment? Well there are research groups in America, Copenhagen, Padua, Nagoya and here in London and Oxford. There is research mainly in five areas. ..."

Link to the entire post:  Oxford Lecture Notes

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