Monday, September 26, 2016

Kennedy's Disease Videos

Some of us would rather watch a video than read a book or magazine. So, below are several YouTube videos concerning Kennedy’s Disease, KD research, personal stories of people living with KD, and a few other relevant topics. If you are aware of other videos concerning KD, please let me know and I will update this list.

Please note that some videos are not the best quality.
  1. Dr.Fischbeck on Kennedy’s Disease
  2. Spinaland bulbar muscular atrophy
  3. Learningabout Kennedy’s Disease – Heather Montie, PhD
  4. ChrisGrünseich - NIH Clinical Fellow
  5. SBMA(KD) Clinic
  6. KDModels – Part I - Lenore K. Beitel, Ph.D.
  7. KDModels – Part II - Lenore K. Beitel, Ph.D.
  8. Kennedy’sDisease – Part I – Ed Meyertholen
  9. KD –Part II – Ed Meyertholen
  10. KD –Part III – Ed Meyertholen
  11. AfterTen Years – The KDA and KD Research – Ed Meyertholen
  12. Sex& All That Jazz – Part I - Dr. Mary Ellen Romero
  13. Sex& All That Jazz – Part II - Dr. Mary Ellen Romero
  14. Kennedy’sDisease Free Children thru IVF
  15. RevisitingKD Free Children
  16. IGF-1/Aktsignaling in SBMA muscle - Maria Pennuto, PhD.
  17. SmallHeat Shock proteins in SBMA - Angelo Poletti, Ph.D.
  18. RareDisease Day and Kennedy’s Disease – (Personal Story)
  19. Rare Disease Awareness and Kennedy’s Disease – (Personal Story)
  20. Kennedy’sDisease – (Note 1st three minutes are an introduction to KD)
  21. A NewHandle on Kennedy’s Disease
  22. Handtremor, tongue and perioral fasciculation in a patient with Kennedy disease
  23. KD andthe Waites – (Personal Story)
  24. UnderstandingMuscle Atrophy (Muscle Loss): Fitness Exercises
  25. TreatmentDiary of Mr. Mattheis  - (Personal Story – Note information provided cannot be verified)

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