Friday, September 30, 2016

Conveniently Forgetful

This morning was the first fall weather of the year. It was 48 degrees. It felt like fall and our two dogs  loved the cool morning air. Then I noticed my hands didn’t want to function normally. And, I remembered what colder weather brings for many of us living with a progressive disorder.

My mind must put up a protective barrier sometime each spring to block out thoughts of what I just went through. Constantly having cold feet and hands is one thing, but not being able to effectively grip things, like zippers, is more of a problem. It impacts getting dressed and undressed, brushing my teeth, eating, typing, and so much more. Wearing gloves all the time is not the answer. I just have to accept it, be more mindful of my limitations, and move on with life.

Fortunately, we’ll still have some warm days between now and Christmas. And, somehow I’ll manage to survive until March when the hands will thaw out again.

Then, sometime in April or May, I’ll forget about the last winter and the increased challenges it brought. It sure is convenient …


  1. I know what you're saying,Bruce. Down under the opposite is happening with the chance to discard those gloves and long johns as spring takes hold. Still the cooler winds happen now and then and coats are not yet totally discarded but there's warmth in the sun and hands and feet no longer resemble ice blocks. Perhaps we could exchange houses each October and April, Bruce?!

  2. Denis, I like the thought, but our three critters and living close to our family might cause some problems. :-)


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