Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Contented Cow

contented-cowThere is an old saying, “A contented cow gives better milk.” On the farm, it was definitely true and as a kid I learned early on the importance of taking care of our milkers.

The dictionary defines “Contented” as:
  • Satisfied or accepting of the way things are
  • Feeling comfortable with your situation in life
This morning when my dog and I were on our early morning walk I felt contented. I was not thinking about the past or concerned about the future. I was living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it.

contentment-already haveFor a most of the walk I focused on this feeling (enjoying the moment). At some point I began to understand that contentment had nothing to do with “being happy”, but had everything to do with being comfortable with (accepting of) my life.

Then I asked myself, “Why did I feel this way?” I realized that it was probably because of what happened the previous day.
  • I spent most of the day with my wife … shopping, working on a project, and going to a birthday party.
  • Spending several hours of quality time with family.
  • Watching family videos that were 20+ years old.
  • Not spending any time on editing my novel or performing any KDA work.
If the contented cow gives better milk, then a contented person is an accepting and loving beneficial presence in this world. There is not any attitude or issues. There is only living in the moment.

It is now ten hours later and I still have that feeling. Life is good and I feel loved.

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