Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An interesting week (and somewhat worrisome)

avodartLast week was interesting for me. Since beginning my own dutasteride trial, it was the first time in eighteen months that I felt any real weakness. The following is a summary of my daily journal for this unusual episode.

Day 1: I noticed a slight weakness in the legs when getting up and transferring. Then when I exercised, the leg extensions were very difficult. Everything else was okay, but not easy. The rest of the day the weakness was noticeable.

Day 2: I noticed more weakness in the legs and also the arms. I was experiencing some muscle tightness.

Day 3: Legs and arms are weaker. The entire exercise program was more difficult. The rest of the day I struggled far more than normal (the last 18 months).

Day 4: Still noticing the weakness. I am beginning to have some concerns.worried What is going on?

Day 5: Not quite as weak today. My exercise routine went okay. This is positive. Let’s hope I am on the mend again.

Day 6: Weakness hardly noticeable.

Day 7: Everything seems fine again. Full strength, no problems with exercises, no noticeable weakness in other activities. Still have some muscle tightness after exercising, however.

Day 8: Everything is fine once again.

I am taking this one day at a time again. I became so used to good day after good day, I forgot what it was like to have ‘weak’ days. Life has been pretty good since starting the dutasteride trial. The development is interesting and I hope not a trend.  I have enjoyed the ride.

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