Friday, July 13, 2012

Today’s Food for Thought

Sometimes an explanation can be so simple, yet profound, that asAlan Watts soon as you hear it you know the speaker is on to something important. Alan Watts, who passed away some forty years ago, was one of those individuals that could breakdown things very complicated into bite size morsels that everyone could understand. He wrote several bestselling books in the 50s and 60s including ‘The Way of Zen’ as well as hosted, or was a guest, on many radio and television programs.

South Park The creators of South Park decided to take on one of Alan Watts’ commentaries on ‘LIFE’. The first video (2:22) is actually the end of Mr. Watts message. The second video is the entire commentary (9:29). Now I don’t watch South Park even though several people have told me how creative and edgy it is. However, I enjoyed their creative interpretation of Watts’ message.

This blog expresses my belief that life is a journey with many ups and downs, ruts and potholes, turns and side trips, as well as bypasses and detours. To think we have ever arrived is naïve. To think that it could never get any better or worse is just as naïve. We learn and adjust so that we might grow. Then we learn something more and adjust again. The point of view that we have at a certain point in our life is only valid for that point in time. In other words, the only thing constant in our life is change.

Today I am working on acceptance.Alan Watts comment-change

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