Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garth Brooks was right

BrooksThere is a Garth Brooks song, “Thank God for unanswered prayers,” that I sing quite often. One verse says, “… some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

When I went through the 'Why Me" and Bargaining (I'll do better if) phases of the Acceptance Process, I prayed to be healed or for researchers to find a cure or for me to be able to work until I was 65. I was definitely focused on the "I" (me) at that time.

Well, today another example of why I should 'thank God for unanswered prayers' came to mind.

My wife and I were having another moment … talking about her recently departed father. Well, I mentioned how wonderful it was to have moved back home 9½ years ago. This time in Georgia gave us many more years to spend with family and especially to be with her dad.

The only reason we were able to move back home in early 2003 was because of my Kennedy’s Disease and being forced to retire early because of this health condition. Yes, you would never want to wish this disease on anyone. Yet, if I hadn’t been forced to retire early we would only be spending the holidays and a couple other times each year with her family.

My forced retirement allowed my wife to spend at least one day a week withprayers her folks. It also allowed us to be with them for every holiday and birthday as well as Mothers and Fathers days and other family events. What a wonderful blessing.

You just never know what life will bring and that is why I am thanking God today for these last 9½ years.

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