Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Re-assessing your purpose in life

Life Purpose-PuzzleI found the article below from “Prolific Living” by Farnoosh interesting and something I wanted to share. As Kennedy’s Disease, or any other neuromuscular disorder, progresses, we are faced with many changes in our life. These changes could include our work, family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Often, we can get lost during this transition. When that happens, it is important to get ‘back on track’ quickly and that could mean a change in our long and short term goals including our focus. Having a “life’s purpose” helps keep us moving forward and positive.

This is not the entire article, but it contains the meat of it and will get you thinking.

How Do You Define a Life Purpose

Life purpose is the main reason you were put on earth. What are you here to do? It’s more than just make it to the end of the day at hand. It’s more than to just have fun all day long.

The phrase “there are no wrong answers” has never applied more as when it comes to the life purpose. There is no such thing as a wrong life purpose. And your life purpose is NOT going to be the same as your friend or your sister or your mother or your children or your role models, so own up to being unique and special!

Finding your life purpose: Discovery Questions

So how do you actually find this purpose, if you really have no idea whatLife Purpose-Which Way it could be? It’s about asking the right questions, and asking them from the right place and with the right intent. These are my discovery questions for you. This is a more analytical approach to finding your purpose. The answers to these questions will contain your life purpose.

The questions are short. The answers can be long. The timing is up to you but the distractions are a no-no. The best time to do this is in the morning, after you are fully awake but before your mind fills up with the day’s chaotic tasks and things to do. The best accompaniment to this is your favorite music or your favorite pet. Make a harmonious corner for you and answer away!

1. What fulfills me?
2. What drives me?
3. What inspires me?
4. What do 1-2-3 have in common?
5. What problem can I solve for others with the common thread in 4?
6. What frustrates me?
7. What pains me?
8. What saddens me?
9. What do 6-7-8 have in common?
10. What problem can I solve for others with the common thread in 9?
11. What terrifies me?
12. What worries me?
13. What can I do to change 11-12?
14. What can I do with this change to help others?
15. What do I love doing?
16. How do I feel when I am doing 15?
17. What happens if I stop doing 15?
18. What happens if I kept doing 15 forever?

Life Purpose - Challege

If you are still reading this article, you are well on your way to reconsidering what your life’s purpose is considering today’s situations and tomorrow’s projected constraints. I performed something similar several years ago and that is how I ended up writing this blog and supporting others through the Kennedy’s Disease Association. I do not regret either action and feel I am far better off because of it.


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