Monday, July 30, 2012

A not so friendly reminder

Blogging was the last thing on my mind this past week. My wife’s father unexpectedly passed away on Thursday.

With his loss I am once again forced to consider “the fragile nature of life.”Reminder
  • You just never know what will happen next
  • And, you can never count on anything.
It also reminds me to:
  • Live for today
  • Stop harboring resentment
  • Choose my attitude rather than let it control me
  • Release any anger that I am holding on to
  • Count my blessing every day
  • Stop clinging to unrealistic expectations
  • Accept who I am with my current capabilities
And, most importantly, I need to always “be there” for my loved ones.

Live today
Some might consider this article a little negative, but it is not meant to be. In fact, it is uplifting for me. The loss of a family member and friend is a wakeup call to live more in the moment.

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