Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Smile – it makes life a lot easier

One attribute I have noticed in many people who live with a disability or health issue is their ability to laugh at circumstances and events that have challenged their life. Most have several stories that will almost bring you to tears ‘of laughter’.

I often wonder how we get into these situations ... never on purpose that is for sure. Often when they occur they are not so funny, but afterward when you replay the moment it is often pretty hilarious. If you have been following my blog for long, you probably read some of my stories where I recounted a particular event that in hindsight is pretty funny. Many happened when I was still too stubborn to admit that I had this condition.

My advice for today:

Share your stories with your loved ones and friends.

Laughter goes a long way in making life a whole lot easier.

For those of you who need a laugh today, I received this from a friend and thought it needed to be shared. If you have ever had a dog or cat, and especially if you have had both, you will know how true this is. Enjoy!





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