Sunday, April 22, 2012

Robotic Walking Devices; Are they in our future?

A few times over the last three years I have published articles are robotic devices that can help those with disabilities walk again.

Recently in the KDA Forum there was a discussion about two new devices that have entered the market.

EKSO Exoskeleton  Tamara Mena pilots the Ekso Bionic legs.

Argo’s ReWalk  Rewalk_30Aug07_2-073
Granted, these products still have a long way to go before they become ‘user friendly’ and something available and affordable for daily use. Yet, the more products like this that enter the market, the better chance we have to have an affordable usable product sometime in the near future.

Current technology enables greater and improved technology. The more trials offered, the better the refinements. Competition helps make products more affordable. And, once they get the product right, mass production will reduce the cost.

Like current Kennedy’s Disease research, this all takes time and money. Yet, these small steps will help lead to greater discoveries and improvements. I can visualize the day that the term disabled just means limited ability … limited to the technology available.

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