Sunday, July 3, 2011

You are not alone

There are times when we all have felt alone.  Some of the reasons we can feel that way are:
  • When we are harboring a secret … something we do not feel comfortable sharing even with loved ones. 
  • Or, when we have lost someone or something important to us and believe no one can truly understand what that loss means.
  • It also can happen when we do not feel like we fit in with a crowd or group of people. 
  • And, it can happen when we are hoping for a call or for someone to reach out to you, but we refuse to take the first step and make the call our self.
You are not alone

No matter what the reason, feeling alone is often unbearable and is not healthy. 

Several times a year I hear from someone who recently was diagnosed with Kennedy’s Disease.  The person feels alone – isolated from family and friends.  They do not want to hurt their loved ones by showing they are vulnerable … that this worries them … and that they are afraid. 

They carry the burden of what is happening to their body like a “scarlet letter”.  They also try to protect their family and friends by holding back.  They feel they should be able to “suck it up” (handle it).

You are not alone 1

Yet, by locking themselves away from their loved ones, they do more damage than good.  Even worse, wife or the significant other, family (especially the children), and friends also feel isolated because they also have a need to ‘talk it out’ …
  • They want to understand how you are doing. 
  • They also need to share that they are there for you … willing to help in any way possible.
  • And, they want you to know that they will always love you, no matter what happens.
Even if we believe the above, we still cannot always breach the subject.  We have always been there for others, but all of a sudden we are ‘one of the others’.  It was okay to be that shoulder to cry on or the listener when someone needed to talk.  But, for some reason we feel uncomfortable switching positions.  Why is that?

One of the most beautiful and reassuring moments is when you can finally open up and let it all out knowing that you are not being judged.  When you experience that moment, it is such a relief.  You finally feel that it is okay … they understand … they are there for me … and most importantly, you are not alone.

MyStock Photo of a Handshake only question for you is, “What are you waiting for?”  

P.S.  If you feel isolated or alone, let me know.  I will try to help.  I was there once; standing right beside you. 

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