Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dutasteride Update - Five months

Time flies whether you are having fun or not.  In a couple of days it will have been five months since I started taking dutasteride.  As promised, this is my monthly update.
The best way I can explain the journey so far is …
  • Months 1-3: 
    • Flying high and feeling great … better than I have felt in a several years. 
    • I continued to gain strength and add exercises/reps.  It felt like a miracle.
    • Energy was very good and level.  No fluctuations.
    • No side effects.
mighty mouse
  • Months 4-5: 
    • The high is gone, but the effects are still positive.  I now consider myself mortal again.
      • No longer able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.
    • My strength remains good … perhaps a gain of one to two years from where I was in January.
      • I had to back off slightly on the light-day exercises. 
      • I believe I just pushed myself too hard and went to far.
      • After backing off, everything was much better.
    • My energy is still good and fairly constant.
      • I do not seem to have the constant high, but it is stable with only an occasional small waiver for a day.
    • No apparent side effects.
The late May scare when I had overdone is long behind me and I am a little smarter (at least I hope so) and listening to my body again.

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