Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Pain in the Neck!

My neck has been giving me fits this last week.  I have been one of the fortunate ones that has not experienced any neck problems … until now.  It was so bad three nights this week that I was having neck spasms while brushing my teethe.  I do not remember ever having a neck spasm in years.

neck muscles

Perhaps it is because I have been working a lot more hours on the computer (KDA stuff and some fiction writing).  I probably need to take more breaks if I am going to work 6-8 hours at the keyboard.

I know my brother, who is older than me, has had neck weakness  for several years.  At times, he has to hold up his head by resting it on his hand.  For that reason alone I started performing neck exercises three or more times a week.

It could also be caused by two new neck exercises that I starting performing last week … or a combination of both computer work and the exercises.  Of course it doesn’t help that I have turned into a “pencil neck” these last few years.


I need to back off on my story writing and mind-mapping for a couple of days and see if things improve.  If that doesn’t work, then perhaps try a week without the new exercises.

Has anyone found any neck exercises that has helped you?  I would appreciate your input so I can try them out.  Thanks.

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