Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I’m Listening!

Nine days ago I noticed that my legs did not feel quite as strong.  My left knee was also in a lot of pain when performing the standing exercises.  I immediately associated the problem with the dutasteride I am taking.  What was going on?  Was it not working? 


Upon further analysis, however, I realized that I needed to follow my own advice and listen to my body.  Every month since starting the dutasteride I had added reps and additional exercises to my daily routine.  And, whenever I added something, they were easy to perform.

Last week while performing my ‘light day’ leg exercises my knee was killing me.  I stopped immediately.  I know understand what happened.  I had increased my long routine by 60-90% (40-50 minutes longer) and my short routine by 50%.  I had finally max’d out (pushed too far) and needed to cut back a little.  I also realized the arthritis in my left knee had not been a problem until I added too many reps.

I decided to experiment a little.  I cut back on my light routine to the original reps.  Within a few days my knee was a lot better.  Yes, the exercises seemed very easy, but that’s okay.  The intent of the light exercise program is to keep the motor neurons firing; not to build muscle.


Monday’s long exercise was 110 minutes and today’s was 115 minutes.  Both were performed without a problem or any pain.  My short exercise program is back to the original one and it is easy and also performed without pain.  Best of all, I feel better and stronger again.  Is this another case of, “Do as I say, not as I do”?


I guess I am not Mighty Mouse and kryptonite still flows through my genes. :-)  But, I’m listening again and am much better as a result.  Perhaps I need hearing aids!

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