Thursday, June 23, 2011

Four Month Update on Dutasteride

It is hard to believe I have been taking dutasteride for four months already.  This last month brought an interesting revelation.

Oh-Oh … What’s happening?

When I woke up on May 30th I noticed that something was different.  My left knee ached.  My quads did not feel as strong puzzledlook during my short leg exercise program.  My stamina just was not there also.  Under normal conditions, I would not have thought anything about it … just another twist in living with Kennedy’s Disease.

But, these were not normal circumstances.  I had felt strong for 3½ months … stronger than I have felt in years.  My confidence had grown with each passing day and now … I felt vulnerable again.

Wake-up Call

It took me a few days to figure out what was happening.  I had not listened to my body and had pushed it too far.  For 3½ months I had continued to add exercises and reps.  My ‘short program’ had increased by 50% and my ‘long program’ by 80+%. 
My body finally told me, '’ENOUGH ALREADY.” 

It was time for a correction.  I started listening to my body again.  I backed off on my off-day exercise program.  I started doing the same exercises and reps I use to do before taking dutasteride.  I also decided to leave my new ‘long program’ alone just to see what would happen.


Within days I saw and felt some positive changes.  My left knee stopped aching.  I felt a little stronger again.  And, I had more energy and better stamina.

Two weeks after backing off on the ‘short program’, but keeping the ‘long program’ at just under two hours, I felt good again.  My strength was as good as it was prior to the ‘wake-up-call’.  My knee is fine again.  My confidence is back.  I am relieved. 

Three weeks later I can say that “I’m back.”

Lesson Learned

Practice what you preach!  :-)

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