Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new exercise program that is scoring points

I mentioned in several earlier articles that I am having problems with my left index finger and thumb not working very well.  It has been causing all kinds of problems in my daily routines.  Yes, I do several hand, wrist and finger exercises every other day, but they have not kept up with the progression.

exercise - hands

Well, a few days ago I discovered a new exercise routine that seems to be helping to maintain what dexterity and strength I still have in those two digits.  The interesting thing about the routine is that you do not need any weights, bands, or electrical devices.

What is this new program?  “Washing dishes.”  Yes, that is right, just washing dishes.  And, another good thing about it is that my wife loves the new routine.

exercise-dish washing

I found that when I wash dishes these days I need to focus on holding, twisting, and turning the dishes and glasses to thoroughly wash, rinse, stack and dry them.  If I do not remain focused, I might drop one.  Focusing on those particular muscles that you normally take for granted causes you to use them better.  It is almost like “locking your knees” when standing to make certain you do not fall.

Today, for several hours after finishing my new exercise routine, I noticed a remarkable improvement in the use of those two digits.  So, if you feel a wrist, hand or certain fingers are weakening, give dishwashing a try.  Besides being beneficial to the motor neurons and muscles, is also scores points with your wife … and that never hurts.

Warning!  Do not mention to your wife how beneficial washing dishes is.  I made that mistake and she said I can now wash all the dishes.  Ugh!


  1. Haha! Good for you Bruce and I will definitely be recommending this new 'program' to my husband : ))

  2. I've been washing dishes for years. I also do laundry, clean house and sew. Maybe that is why I am still in relatively good shape. :)

  3. Hiding this blog from the wife...


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