Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 Day Update on Dutasteride

It has been ten days since I started taking dutasteride.  I am keeping a daily journal to track any side effects, observations, etc.   I felt this would be a good time to provide an update those interested.

The only major side effect that I have seen so far is the horns growing out of my head.  My wife said this has nothing to do with the drug, it is just my personality expressing itself physically.   (I am certain there is a compliment in her response somewhere)


I have noticed a few things, but I am not certain whether they are drug related, psychosomatic or caused by something unrelated.  
  • In ‘day 2’ I woke up very sore.  The muscle soreness was pronounced and in the shoulders, wrists, hands, and lower legs.  This soreness was different than my normal aches, however.
  • The soreness went away, but shows up again after every long workout.  This workout is the same routine I have been doing for over three years without any soreness.
  • Again, I know it is too early to tell anything and it will probably take months or perhaps a year or more to tell if this is doing any good, but …
    • My long exercise program is easier.  I am even adding more reps.
    • I am doing far more arm raises and arm lifts from knees to above the head.  They are so easy right now I am even considering adding more weight.
    • I feel like I have more energy.
  • Except for the muscle soreness, I have not experienced any other side effects (we’ll forget about the horns for now).

It would be wonderful to report some miracle has happened, but I knew going into this program that was not going to happen.  Patience is what is needed and also the hope that I am one of those men that dutasteride works on.  A few men reported that they had no idea whether dutasteride was working until they stopped taking the drug. 

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