Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I am thankful for ...

This is the third and last blog post on the thankfulness meditation that helps a person realize what is important in his/her life. Today, I will focus on the last two questions.

4.      What advantages do I have, or have been given, in my life?  This can be a long list if you let your thoughts go. Some answers could include health insurance, Social Security or SSD, a pension, a good job, an education, and a strong support network. 

5.      Who are the backers in my life? 
      • Who is always there for me? 
      • Who always ‘has my back?’ 
      • Who loves me, no matter what? 
      • Whom can I always count on? 
      • Who has helped me get to where I am today. 
For those of us with a disability,
this list can be substantial and include my caregiver.

(Wow, when I started this list, I was amazed how many names there were)

I hope this has been an interesting exercise. It always amazes me how we tend to become ‘stuck in the muck’ when something goes bad or in a different direction than expected. When that happens, the gratitude journal (notebook) is a wonderful resource. Just reading a few pages will help redirect your thoughts.
Gratitude is the best attitude

From my house to yours …
peace–love–health –happiness today and always
Happy Thanksgiving

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