Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feeling 'Grateful' for what you already have

This is Part II of the Gratitude posts. In my previous blog post, I mentioned a guided thankfulness meditation I listen to that asks five questions to help focus my thoughts to be more grateful. Yesterday, I discussed what we often “take for granted.” Today, I will focus on the second and third questions the meditation guide asks.

2.      What relationships do I have that I cherish? Consider all of the beautiful people and critters (let’s not forget our pets) in your life, both present and past. If nothing else makes you thankful, the answers to this question certainly will.

3.      What freedoms, talents and unique opportunities do I have that are truly gifts to me?  This question is far more thought provoking when you consider your life, where you live, what you are able of do depending upon interests and capabilities.

This exercise is especially important for those of us living with a disability or chronic condition because far too often we tend to focus on what was taken from us.  

It is helpful to keep a gratitude journal (notebook) by your side as you ponder these questions. Often times, writing you’re answers spurs additional thoughts. And, it never hurts to review your answers when you are feeling a little down.
BTW-each time I practice this meditation new thoughts rise to the surface making me even more thankful for the loved ones in my life and the gifts, talents and freedoms I have and experience.

Tomorrow, we will explore the last two questions. 

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