Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It’s that time of year again

My annual doctor’s visit seems to come around a little quicker every year. Fortunately, I have an excellent doctor who listens well, discusses options, and allows me to help decide the best course of action should any be necessary. Of course, I always look forward to reviewing my blood panel analysis. 

Yesterday, I started my “what has happened over the last year” list. My health journal is the basis for this list. It is my observations and comparisons to one year ago. The list gives us an opportunity to discuss if these issues are related to Kennedy’s Disease, aging, another health issue, or a combination of any of these.

This year’s list is interesting and I thought I would share a few items. As usual, there is some good mixed in with the bad. 

A.     Noticeable loss of strength:
·         Arms, shoulders, hand and fingers (More than normal over the last few years)
·         Nasal passage muscles (I am much more nasally sounding)
B.     Little or no difference from last year:
·         Leg strength (Quads, knee, calf, ankle and hip)
·         Neuropathy in the feet (Doesn’t appear to be any worse)
·         Choking and swallowing
C.     Having greater difficulties with:
·         Taking showers and drying myself afterward
·         Holding things like a glass of water, a plate, etc. (I am dropping more things these days)
·         Getting dressed and undressed (i.e., putting on socks and pants - especially when it is cold)
D.     Unchanged Routines:
·         I still exercise every day - odd days are 90-100 minutes of exercises and even days are 15-20 minutes
·         Every 3-4 hours each day I perform 36-50 standing leg lifts
E.      Changes in Routines:
·         I eat a large salad every day for lunch
·         I quit eating ice cream (After six decades of this daily addiction, I found out I don’t miss it)
·         Bread consumption is now a rarity (I don’t miss this either)
F.      Medications:
·         Dutasteride (Avodart) (I believe this has worked well for me)

I look forward to another stimulating conversation as we lay out my 2015 health care plan. And, hopefully, I won’t have to see him again until December of next year.

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