Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of the 40%

The CDC commented that 40% of those who had the flu shot this year will still get the flu.

fluYup, I had my flu shot and I still got the flu. And, just as I always warned, those of us living with Kennedy's Disease have to be extra careful when it comes to the flu.

It is day eleven and I feel between 80-to-90% well. I still have the cough, but not quite as bad. The fever and aches are gone. Day two and three were the worst … just plain miserable. I ended up sleeping most of the day (between coughs anyway). I have been extra cautious since coming down with it and very mindful of the seriousness of this health issue should it turn into pneumonia.

The weakness is still there, but I am improving every day. I have exercised for 50-to-75 minutes the last five days and that seems to help (as well as raise my spirits). I have always said ‘patience is a virtue’. It is also an attribute that I need to develop further. Having the flu this year has been a test for me.

I still highly recommend the flu shot and the pneumonia vaccine when you turn 65. I still believe we have to be extra careful this time of year. I was at the doctor’s office once a week for eight weeks having my blood tested (INR). If I hadn’t been exposing myself weekly I would probably have been safe.

The only real benefit to having the flu this time of year is all the collegefootball-bowls bowl games. I never felt guilty sitting around and watching every game even though I often fell asleep halfway through some of them.

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