Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something has to change

I thought I was recovering well from the flu, but for some reason my strength has not returned. Even worse it seems to be declining. I had a few decent days early in last week, but the last three days have been very difficult. Because of this weakness in my left leg and right arm, I have lost confidence in my ability to stand. Also, my trunk strength (abdomen and back) is very weak adding to my difficulties.

weaknessWhere I normally perform 36 calf stretches, 60 side steps, 100 step ups, and 18 leg swings, I find it difficult to just do 20 side steps. Then I have to rest. Then, I can maybe do 20 step ups. If I wait long enough, I can do 18 calf stretches. I still haven’t been able to do any leg swings.

Is the weakness related to the flu or something else? Could it be related to the Warfinin?  I need to make an appointment with my doctor to see what is happening. Perhaps he can figure out why my strength is not returning. All I know is that something has to change because the current situation is not manageable. 

Living with Kennedy’s Disease is difficult (especially as we get older), but this sudden and unexplained loss of strength is something unexpected.  I need answers.

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