Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On my way back

exerciseI have been off Warfarin for three days now. I began to notice a difference yesterday. This morning when I began my standing exercises the difference was amazing. I did 24 calf steps, 30 side-steps and 60 step ups without any problems. The weakness in my trunk muscles (stomach and back) was also gone. Just two days ago this was impossible. I went on to perform all of my other long-day exercises. I noticed that some exercises were still not perfect, but they were a lot easier and better.

Another difference I noticed yesterday was the heaviness I felt in my lungs was gone.

Observation: It wasn’t the flu that caused this extreme weakness.  I must be one of those 5% that cannot take Warfarin because it causes muscle weakness and fluid on the lungs.

In two more days I begin a new blood thinner. Two of the benefits of this new thinner are that I do not need INR blood tests and I can eat any food item (salads, broccoli, cranberries, etc.). I am really enjoying eating salads again. In the expansive potential side effects list is one that says, “Could cause muscle weakness.” So, I need to be observant and make certain this doesn’t happen again.

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