Friday, August 24, 2012

Preparing for Emergencies

emergency preparedness
MDA’s Health Care Services had an interesting article on emergency preparedness that everyone should read whether disabled or not. Several of the links mentioned in the article are shown below.

The federal government has a website with additional information on different types of emergencies and services available for your area. The link to the website is:'s Emergency Preparedness Section.
emergency-kitThe MDA has put together a good checklist for people who have neuromuscular diseases. Not every item applies to those of us living with Kennedy’s Disease, but many apply to anyone with special needs or considerations. The checklist can be downloaded (PDF) at this link: PDF Checklist.
Another good link to always have bookmarked is the National Weather Service.  You can zoom in on your area and receive the most current updates and forecasts along with other helpful information.

If you must evacuate your residence and need MDA services, or information about local groups offering emergency assistance, you can reach the MDA by calling (800) 572-1717 or emailing They will connect you to the MDA office serving the area in which you've sought shelter.

As the Boy Scouts always say, BE PREPARED.

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