Sunday, February 26, 2012

Personal Update

Several readers have written to ask how I am doing. I reported a few weeks ago that my arm strength and my neck weakness and pain were concerns.


Fortunately, about a week ago my arm strength returned. I believe I am close to 100% back. Whew! I was really beginning to wonder what happened. I woke up on February 17 and noticed the difference immediately. What happened this time was different than what I call ‘the slide’.


And, since I changed my hours sitting in front of my PC, my neck has recovered. It is about 80% of what it was last fall, but that is a lot better than just a month ago. I now only spend an hour at a time in the office and then I take a break. It has made all the difference in the world. I also have added a couple more neck exercises to my daily routine. As long as I continue to be ‘smart’ I should be all right.

Other Thoughts

My leg strength continues to be good and that is a blessing. And fortunately, I have not had any joint pain in many months.

My exercise program is going well now that my arm strength has returned. I average 90 minutes every other day and 15-20 minutes on the in between days.

Thanks for your concerns, advice and support.

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