Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dutasteride – One year update

avodart I can hardly believe it has been a year since I started taking dutasteride. I reviewed my dutasteride journal this week and summarized my findings by quarter.

1st Quarter

  • I was flying high because there was an immediate improvement in strength.
  • Improvement in leg strength was the most noticeable.
  • I felt stronger and had very little pain.
  • Many of my muscles felt alive again … tightness after exercising.
  • Exercised seven days a week.
  • Continued to add exercises and weight until my longer program was two hours long.
  • No apparent side effects.

2nd Quarter

  • Stabilized at the new stronger level.
  • Didn’t notice quite the same level of high (strength) that I experienced in the first quarter.
  • For a week in May I had a significant amount of neck pain.
  • Continued to exercise for 120 minutes every other day and 15-20 minutes on the off days.
  • No apparent side effects.

3rd Quarter

  • Exercised for 115-120 minutes every other day and 15-20 minutes on the off days.
  • No apparent change in strength. Continue to feel I am stronger than I was six months ago.
  • No apparent side effects.

4th Quarter

  • I felt that I was over-training and was no longer enjoying my long exercise program.
  • I reduced my long program to 90-95 minutes and it seemed to help.
  • I began to experience neck weakness and cramping, often severe.
  • In the 11th month I noticed a slight weakness in the arms.
  • In the 12th month my right arm was weaker
  • No apparent side effects.

Final Thoughts:

This has been an interesting twelve month ride. I believe that dutasteride helped initially and that I ended up being stronger than I would have been without it. Over the last three months I have experienced neck pain as well as arm and neck weakness that I had not experienced earlier. What these means for my future only time will tell.


I am glad I tried dutasteride and will continue to take it for the foreseeable future.

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