Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some days the dragon wins

Twenty-some years ago my wife gave me this drawing by Jody Bergsma of a little sorcerer’s apprentice who is being sat on by a baby dragon.  An assistant is standing nearby with a scroll that says … 

Today’s Goal:  Capture a Dragon

And, the caption under the drawing is …

Some days the dragon wins

This picture has been a part of my life all this time.  It seems that I always seem to read it when I need a ‘little lift’.

In my business career I found it important to understand that I am not going to succeed every day.  Failures, in some respects, are as important as the wins … if I learn something from the failure.

In my personal life it is also important for me to realize that occasionally the dragon wins.  Things do not always go as planned.  Life has many unexpected turns and it is what you make of those times that separate you from those being eaten.

This picture has become especially important for me as the symptoms of Kennedy’s Disease progress.  The dragon is winning a little more often than I would like these days.  Yet, knowing that as long as I keep on fighting I have a chance of winning.  It is only when I give up that I truly lose.

And, recently I have revised my goal.  I am not just trying to win for me any more, I am also trying to win for my grandchildren and expected great grandchild.  Talk about a new and wonderful incentive!

some days
Fortunately, I am not a quitter.  Every morning I wake up and thank God that he has blessed me with another day to try to slay the dragon.

Working together … 
we will find a treatment or cure
… and end this dragon’s reign forever.

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