Sunday, November 28, 2010

A wealth of information is available …

Over the last month I have been helping move articles and information from our current KDA website to our new (under construction) website.  We still have a long way to go, but the new site is coming together nicely.  If we do not run into any major issues, the new site should be up sometime in the first quarter.

KDA website - front page draft

This last week I have been transferring the chat room transcripts.  I found it interesting that we have archived 225 chats.  In the process of moving the transcripts, I had a chance to review many of them.  I knew there was a lot of good information in these chats, but I forgot many of the topics covered and special guests.  Working your way through a chat transcript to dig out information requires a little patience because throughout all the chats are general conversations on a variety of subjects including how someone is doing and what the weather is like in Anchorage and Brazil.  However, if you scan through the chatter to the "good stuff" in these transcripts, you will not be disappointed.

I found that the research updates are very informative and educational.  Having a guest doctor or researcher live on a chat is quite handy when you have a bunch of questions or do not understand some aspect of Kennedy’s Disease or a potential treatment.

KD knows no boundaries

I would be remiss in not thanking several guests who regularly take time out of their Saturday mornings to update us on their research as well as answer questions on a variety of subjects related to Kennedy’s Disease.  To name a few; Doctors Fischbeck, Taylor, Lieberman, Merry, Pennuto, Montie, and Beitel and specialists like Alison LaPean and Angela Hokkinis have been wonderful supporters of the KDA and anyone living with Kennedy’s Disease.

fischbeck 1diane merry   LL-Lieberman

If you have not attended a chat in some time, I would recommend that you check out the chat room transcript archives and glance through ten years of topics and guests.  I am certain you can find something of interest or value.  Also, remember that the chats are the first and third Saturdays of each month at 10:30 Eastern Time.

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