Sunday, September 17, 2017

Unexpected Benefit

In June, I noticed my pinky finger on the left hand felt numb. I tried several exercises, but the sensation was still there. About a month later, I noticed the right pinky finger was a little more numb. It was not as pronounced as the left, but still noticeable.

For several years, the bottoms of my feet and toes have been numb or tingly. I tried different techniques to stimulate the nerves, but nothing seemed to work. In early August, the feet were particularly bad. One evening, I used my hands to massage my feet. The feet were more sensitive than I thought they would be when I performed a deep tissue massage. At times, it was slightly painful. Yet, they felt better afterward.

I kept up the evening massages and noticed a positive pronounced difference in regards to sensations. The tingling and numb feeling is barely noticeable. The toes also have more feeling. By the end of August, something else became apparent. I no longer had the numb feeling in the pinky fingers on both hands.

It is mid-September and the bottoms of my feet and my toes are remarkably better. I have not experienced the numbness in my fingers for at least three weeks. I will continue my evening massages and let you know if anything changes. But, for now, I like the results.

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