Friday, December 30, 2016

The end of another year

My legs went into a slide in early November. The quads and left knee weakened dramatically. Several times a day I felt the left knee was going to buckle on me. I haven’t experienced anything like this in years. At times it was difficult not to become too concerned about my future capabilities. Compromise and compensation, leverage and innovation—I tried everything I could think of. I was not going to give up or give in.

Some days I could only accomplish 50% of my normal standing leg exercises. I was also finding it difficult to pull up my pants after using the toilet. Several times it took 2-3-4 attempts while having to rest for a moment or two between attempts. Occasionally I had to have my wife help. Frustration and even anger wedged its way into my normal positive attitude. But, I am a stubborn cuss.

I never gave up trying to complete my standing exercises. I pushed myself while always considering my safety. Over time I was able to regain enough strength to perform 80% of my previous reps. A week ago I wrote in my KD exercise journal that perhaps this was the new normal for me, but I still refused to accept it.

This morning when I first stood up I sensed a strength in my legs that I haven’t felt in a couple of months. When I began my standing leg exercises I could feel a difference—a confidence in my leg muscles. Muscle-memory kicked in and I found myself smiling. I performed 120 steps in place without a problem. I then performed 100 standing leg lifts without breathing hard. I was on my way and life couldn’t be any better.

I don’t know what the new year will bring, but I can tell you it is ending in a most gratifying fashion.

Be well and stay upright!

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  1. Dear Bruce! I Wish You Happy New Year and Have Good Health! (Thanks your blog! We read it regularly with my husband!)


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