Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

The other day my four-year-old great-grandson, Chase, called. He and his Grandma Jan had been busy making cookies, gifts, snowflakes, and ornaments. He sang me his favorite Christmas song—the one he sang to Santa the previous day. Grandma also shared several photos of Chase engaged in these and other holiday activities. During the course of our conversation I realized, “He is the spirit of Christmas.” After the call, I felt such joy in my heart for the gift this special boy gave me. 

Christmas is a time of reflection for me. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of candlelight services where the entire family sang their hearts out and then returned home to enjoy a midnight dinner of chili or spaghetti with homemade buns. My wife's family has their own beautiful traditions that we all enjoy.    

The holidays are about peace and love, and family and friends. In this spirit-rich season, we reach out to all those who have blessed our lives. We might not be physically together, but you are never more than a thought away.

And please don't forget the service men and woman, and their families, during this special season. 

From our house to yours, we wish you health and happiness, mixed in with a lot of love, because they are the greatest gifts we could ever receive.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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  1. Thank you Bruce for your blog and your wishes. I also wish you and your whole family all the best, a lot of love, peace and love. Mike from Poland


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