Monday, January 18, 2016

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

I love this quote from Melchor Lim. We can’t change the past, we are living in the present, but we do have some say about the future. 

I write about attitude quite a bit in this blog because there are times in our lives where we feel trapped. We begin to believe that our destiny is already written for us. Living with Kennedy’s Disease, a neuromuscular disorder, can have that effect. 

I know, at times, I have to be careful about feeling trapped with no escape. It happens when I am most vulnerable. Some capability is taken away from me, or some desire to do something is no longer an option. Out of frustration, I’ll forecast these negative thoughts into the future.

Fortunately, someone who reads this blog writes or comments and I realize that there is still tomorrow. If I become creative, perhaps a reasonable solution can be applied to the situation. At times, we are our own worst enemy. During these times, we forget who we are, and, all that we have triumphed over. 

Our lives didn’t end with Kennedy’s Disease. Yes, our world is constantly changing, but so was it before this condition entered our lives. Will we let the past pull us down, or the future raise us up? The choice is ours.
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