Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Constant Reminders

About ten days ago, I was in a bad position and had to really push, pull and strain to get up. In the process, pulled or did something to a groin muscle. It did not feel good then and the next day it was even worse. When I found myself sitting on the throne after that, I had to be extra careful not to do any more damage.

As those of you living with a neuromuscular disorder know, it is difficult not to use your abdominal and groin muscles to help push yourself to a standing position. Also, several exercises I perform are to strengthen, or maintain, the abdominal and groin muscles. Several times every day, these muscles have to be used to one degree or another.

Over the last few days, the pull, or tear, still tends to let me know it is not healed, but at least it is something I can live with. It is also a reminder that we have to consider our current situation and capabilities before performing certain acts that would not even be a consideration for someone without a progressive disorder. Leverage is how we accomplish much of what we do today, but even that has its limits.

On a side note, last week’s weather wasn’t a much fun even though I live in the South. We had a lot of rain, some snow, ice, and very cold temperatures, but nothing like the eastern seaboard experienced. The last Nor-Easter I was involved in was when we lived in Philadelphia. My wife and I shoveled four times one day and woke up the next morning to 50+ mph winds. With the new snow and drifts, we had another three feet to shovel. We were exhausted, sore and ready to move south. I hope our Eastern friends are dug out and waiting for spring. I know I am.

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