Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh Yeah!

My annual wellness checkup went well. Heart, lungs, blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol, etc. were all very good. Everything compares well, and in some cases better, to the last few years. My doctor, who proclaims he my cheerleader, commented that I shouldn’t change what I am doing because it is working. He feels my daily exercise program continues to pay dividends. Of course, I added this milestone to my Gratitude Journal.

Of course, seeing the waiting room of the doctor’s office filled with people, many coughing or sneezing, doesn’t give someone ‘healthy’ a vote of confidence. The flu this year has affected so many.  Some offices and schools have closed in our area. My nurse said she has never it seen it this bad this early in the season.  Of course, I was trying to be extra cautious.

I added something to my journal this morning that I never thought would happen again. I filled up my car this morning and the gas only cost $1.93 a gallon. This is a real gift for those traveling this coming week. My wife and I were trying to remember the last time gas was this cheap. I Googled it and it was the summer of 2008 and before that the spring of 2005.  I thought it had been longer.

Happy Holidays

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