Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Human Body in 3D

I need to recommend a website that many of you will find interesting. To me, the BioDigital Human website is fascinating. It allows you to explore the human body in 3-D as well as isolate or dissect certain organs, systems and parts of the body.

Some of the many features that this website offers are:
  • Interactive Exploration: Explore the virtual body in interactive 3D: search, zoom, and rotate objects
  • Customized Views: Dissect the body and produce custom cross-sections
  • Dynamic Animations: View dynamic animations of health conditions and disease progression
  • Annotated Screenshots: Create, save, and share annotated screenshots
I played with it for a few minutes the other day and then went back again yesterday to play some more. Being able to isolate certain parts of the body or see how certain health conditions impact parts of the body is fascinating. Being able to isolate certain parts of the body and organs is interesting. Having a description on the same page view is helpful. Having a window pop up to provide a more detailed explanation further helps explain the organ or system. Also, being able to go back and forth from the standard view to the transparency mode and to the isolation mode helps simplify and focus the viewing of specific organs and systems.
There are dozens of health conditions to explore (but no Kennedy’s Disease yet).
Yes, you have to register the first time and log in every time you use it. And, yes, they would like you to upgrade to the more powerful version (30 day free trial). I don’t see where they tell us what the premium version costs, however.
Anyway, check it out if it sounds interesting. I will visit this site many times in the future especially when I have questions on how something works, where it is and what it looks like.

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