Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nothing ever seems to be easy

It has been two months since I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my calf. Since then, the blood thinning process has not been without problems. When I read it could be difficult, I never thought it meant experiencing large swings and constant visits to the doctor for INR testing.

Blood-clot-2The first couple of weeks my blood would not thin (0.8 – 1.5). With new instructions (no broccoli and reduce the number of other items with vitamin K) and an increase in the medication, my blood finally thinned to 2.2. But, it worked too well and the next test showed 3.5. Okay, new instructions – reduce the medication and have a couple of salads. When we checked again, it was now too low (1.5 again). Okay, maintain the dosage, but stop eating all salads, do not drink green tea, and, stop taking my multi-vitamin and CoQ10. When we checked this Friday, I was in the zone again (2.3). The latest instructions are to keep doing what I am doing (and not doing) and come back in two weeks.

For a person that sees his doctor once a year for his annual physical, I have had eight visits so far in two months. Every time I step into the lobby, there are six-to-twelve people waiting. Some are coughing (oh-oh), some look in pain (probably nothing to worry about), and some look healthy (whew).

Okay, let’s review …

A.  The good news:
  • I have not experienced any pain or swelling in the calf since week two.
  • I am two months into a six month regiment.
  • I increased my calf exercise routines.
  • I don’t sit very long without getting up and moving around.
  • I haven’t bitten my tongue recently.
B.  The bad news:
  • My blood won’t stabilize within the recommended level.
  • These doctor’s office visits for INR testing are getting old fast.
  • I miss my daily luncheon salad and my green tea.
  • I still have four more months left (at least I hope that is all).
C.  Lesson learned: Keep moving!

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