Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When is it too thin or not thin enough

Week 2 of 26

shot-pillToday I finished my twice-a-day anti-clotting drug shots. I will not miss this morning and evening ritual and my wife won’t either. My stomach looks like a black and blue pin cushion. And, my left hand has pinholes on every finger. The pinholes will continue as they test me twice a week until I stabilize at the new desired anticoagulation level.

The Warfarin dosage is still being tweaked to find the right level … somewhere between 2.0 to 3.0. The 2-3 times a week blood test will help monitor where I am at and also let me know when it is time to increase or decrease the Warfarin level.

I feel I am getting to know the doctor’s office staff too well. My once a year visit has turned into five in two weeks and growing. This is a trend that is not conducive to my feeling of being a healthy and happy person.

calf-exerciseI know it is hard to believe, but my daily exercise routine that has been so effective over the last couple of years has increased with the addition of several calf exercises. I have incorporated these exercises into my morning routine as well as performing these calf exercises every 2-3 hours. Exercise appears to help keep the calf muscles loose and the pain minimized.

I had never really considered blood clots before. A sister and brother had them, and my mother-in-law has them also. It is now another thing for me to consider as my mobility declines. I have already changed a few of my routines to ensure that I keep the blood flowing through my legs all day.

I now have adopted a new saying …

“Just keep moving”


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