Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Highest Form of Giving Thanks

Give thanksThanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks. It is also when family and friends ‘break bread’ together. It is a time for ‘counting our blessings’.

However, this blog post is about the constant recognition that life is perfect and only our thoughts and perceptions are flawed.

I was introduced to the term ‘ceaseless prayer’ several years ago. At the time it was only a concept to me – something that I didn’t understand at all. How does one constantly pray? Perhaps I didn’t really understand the term ‘prayer’. So, I looked up ceaseless prayer recently and came across the following explanation by Guy Finley: “… the practice of ceaseless prayer … doesn’t preclude being active in life; what is required of us is that our first action is stillness, followed by a willingness to receive whatever we have been given by Life.”
ceaseless prayerAfter reading this I recognized an attribute that I had acquired over the last few years. Dozens of times each day I find myself giving thanks for all the little things in life that God has given me. Even more important, I notice that there are times where I just am at peace with myself and the world. No thoughts or words are necessary. I am not focused on any one particular thing. I am totally at peace – content –comfortable – thankful for just being alive and experiencing the beauty and perfection of life.

How can one not be thankful for this wonderful thing that we call life? Yes, it is not perfect because our concept of perfection is badly flawed. Yet, it is perfect in every way. Only our thoughts disrupt this acknowledgement and tear us away from this peaceful existence … this communion with God.
  • Should having a disease without a known treatment disqualify me from this recognition?
  • Should having family members going through difficult times stop me from experiencing it?
  • Should discovering a blood clot in the leg make it any less real?
  • Should having a bad day … things not going my way … change anything?
I don’t think so. But, it often does. Sometimes, during these special moments, the stillness is broken with thoughts, comparisons, and analysis.

Fortunately, once you have sensed this beauty and perfection, the feeling never really goes away. It can be masked (or covered up) with my being ‘back in my world’. Yet, something deep inside reminds me that, “Life is okay. It is actually perfect in every way.” And, I am at peace again.

Happy Thanksgiving


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