Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where are the Kennedy’s Disease Research Updates?

researcher 6 It seems like the number of research updates and papers published has slowed in recent months. I am hoping that the proposals submitted for KDA research grants this summer will bring forward some promising new research. Hope is one thing, but solid research proposals and published papers are especially nice to read once they have been deciphered by our resident biology professor.

The other big event that we (the waiters in the wings) look forward to is the annual KDA Conference and Educational Symposium. The highlight of the conference for most of us is the presentations by the researchers on their current projects. These presentations are nice because it gives the attendees a chance to ask questions and even comment, “I don’t understand.” Then, having the ability to break bread with the researchers gives you some one-on-one time to further discuss their research and also your particular symptoms, issues and concerns.

conference When the formal conference ends, the researchers go into a half-day closed-door session to share their work with their colleagues. The symposium is really the only time where this many researchers that are focused on Kennedy’s Disease have a chance to spend time together reviewing their projects and sharing information.

I know, I need to BE MORE PATIENT! 

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