Monday, March 19, 2012

The key to greater confidence and safety

 muscle-memory A little over two years ago I wrote an article about “Muscle Memory.” In the article I used Wikipedia to define what muscle memory is and how it is used for training. I also described some experiences that I had when my muscles lost the inability to perform a daily routine such as stepping up onto a curb. If you haven’t read the article in some time, I would encourage you to read it before proceeding.

When a physical therapist evaluated me a couple of years ago and recommended a particular exercise program, I had no way of knowing how muscle memory and visualization would play such an important role in the exercise routine. The two articles on the P.T. recommendations and the results are Exercise Program – Part I and Exercise Program – Part II.

visualization Three years later I am still amazed how visualization and muscle memory are still a part of my daily routines. For example, I couple of years ago I was concerned that we would have to remodel our master bath to accommodate my inability to safely step in and out of the shower. We started getting quotes and began wondering how I would survive during the construction process.

Today, we still have not remodeled and I believe this is because of three things:
  1. Visualization
  2. Muscle Memory
  3. Dutasteride
confidence1 Four of the leg exercises I do every day are focused on the quads. Part of the process is to visualize myself performing the exercises correctly. I use this same technique before stepping into and out of the shower. Also, these exercises have given me the confidence to trust my leg strength enough to step in and out. Also, dutasteride has helped maintain my strength and improved my endurance to comfortably increase the exercises without doing any harm.

Yet, the main ingredient for success is visualization. Not trying to do something without first thinking it through and visualizing the exact process ahead of time.  And, only then proceeding.

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