Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It has been an interesting month

avodartIn February I summarized my twelve month experience with taking dutasteride. My fourth quarter review was not as positive as the other three quarters.

I also commented that I would continue to provide quarterly reviews unless something significant happened. Well, it has been an interesting four weeks and all good news ... news worth sharing.
  • My neck problems are nonexistent. I was one worried guy for some time, but this last once has been wonderful … free of weakness and pain.
  • My leg strength has been great these last three weeks. I haven’t had one bad day.
  • My arm strength the last week and a half has been better than it has been in at least nine months. This was totally unexpected and very welcome. You cannot believe how elated I was during my first workout. I was wondering if it was just an anomaly because those of us living with Kennedy’s Disease get them far too frequently. And, yes, it might pass, but it also gives me hope.
Living with Kennedy’s Disease is a journey of ups and downs. We need a lot of ‘ups’ to help with all the ‘downs’. I like to use the comment, “This too will pass.” I use it during the good times and the not so good ones.

Right now I am enjoying the ride and I just wanted to share the moment with you.

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